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Why should patients consider concierge or membership medicine?

Why are Doctor Visits so Rushed?

In recent years, physicians have had to grapple with a seemingly insurmountable challenge: a large number of patients to see each day, and not enough hours in the day to take the time to discuss everything that each patient needs.

Unfortunately, this is the end result of years of financial pressures on medical practices, which have led physicians to shorten the duration of patient visits, and cut back on the range of issues that can be discussed at each visit.


Preventative Testing Is Underappreciated

The pressure for shorter patient visits has eroded the amount of time available for preventive care, which is a key aspect of patient care: this refers to education and discussion about issues such as patient lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, how to reduce risk factors for cancer, and so on.

Indeed, patients may not realize that they are missing out on simple steps to reduce cancer risk, such as regular mammograms and PSA blood tests.


Solving The Crisis in Modern Healthcare

I have long been troubled by this national trend towards more and shorter patient visits each day, but have been unable to meaningfully change this situation.

My goal is to provide all patients with the best possible care, taking a holistic view of all issues that may impact their health.

This requires setting aside adequate time for an unrushed appointment, which is not always feasible in the standard healthcare model.

I believe this can solved in my new membership-based practice at PNW Family Medicine, where I can provide a new model of healthcare that overcomes the limitations that plague so much of healthcare today.

When you join PNW Family Medicine:

  • You will have direct access to me, Dr Nathalie Acher MD, an experienced, board-certified family medicine doctor, 24/7 via the patient portal or phone.
  • Each visit will be unhurried, allowing me to be laser-focused on ensuring you receive the best possible medical care
  • You will receive a comprehensive medical history assessment tailored to your needs
  • Physical exams are broad and complete with a focus on wellness and preventive care
  • A yearly customized health report with recommendations
  • You will receive a follow-up call in which I will personally go over your lab results and any other relevant tests; you will have time to raise questions and gain a comprehensive understanding of what these tests mean
  • Counseling on how to maintain and improve your health through improved nutrition and exercise
  • Same or next day appointments, whenever possible.

In summary, my new membership-based medical practice is the answer to many of the key healthcare challenges in the 21st century. Although many of my existing patients are joining now, it is also open to you and your family on a first come, first serve basis. I invite prospective patients to send an email or to call and schedule a chat to ask questions about the program.


Dr. Nathalie Archer, MD
i’m dr. acher,


I’m a Board Certified Family Physician in Bellevue, Washington, and founder of PNW Family Medicine.

I have dedicated my career to caring for patients, without compromising the delivery of care.

If you live in the Bellevue/Seattle area and you’re looking to improve your wellbeing and have a dedicated partner in your health, contact me.